Everyone wants to be out there having fun during the summer but let’s face it — sweaty lumps of hair is not the best look to have. It’s especially not the look we hope to remember when we take those summer selfies. Here are some hairstyles that would look stunning for the hot weather, but could also work all-year long.

Messy bun

This is not a new season trend but it is a trend to stay. Not only is it simple to do, it’s a universal look that suits numerous occasions. With just a few easy steps, this effortless hairstyle will help you complete the look within a few short minutes.

French braid

Braids are definitely in this season. From music festivals to summer hikes, the French braid is an easy to wear and neat hairstyle that helps you keep your hair in place. For beginners, the French braid may take a little bit of practice. But master it and you’ll be working this style in just a few minutes.

Fishtail braid

Being a unique alternative to the normal French braid, the fishtail braid has become quite the trend in recent years. While it may look complex, it is actually much simpler to accomplish than the classic braiding technique. It would definitely be a fun hairstyle addition to your summer look.

Half up

The half-up might just be the quickest up-do any girl can possibly achieve. This hairstyle is not only easy but also very stylish, being a classic icon of elegance and poise. If the classic half-up might be too simple for you, you can always be creative with it by having fun with curls, braiding, bows and twisted buns!


The ponytail is another classic hairstyle that never goes out of date. Don’t be mistaken; the ponytail does not have to be boring. It can be done in many different variations to give your hairstyle that little twist of fun. Depending on the positioning of the ponytails and the texture of your hair, the hairstyle can be transformed into either a fun or sophisticated look.

– Priscilla Lim, Correspondent (Lifestyle)