Nothing But Thieves is an English band originally from Southend fitting into the alternative rock genre. It consists of five members: Conor Mason (vocals), Joe Langridge-Brown (guitar), Dominic Craik (guitar, keyboard), James Price (drums), and Phillip Blake (bass guitar). The band was originally signed in 2014 and began to get recognition when their single Itch’ won the Hottest Record and Track of the Day awards. Their first album Nothing But Thieves was released on October 16 and shortly after they began their UK tour Ban All the Music on October 19, 2015. Their album reached in the Official UK chart at number seven and they peaked at number three on iTunes. They began their second UK tour Under My Skin in April 2016.

Nothing But Thieves had to change the date of their gig at University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich to the Wednesday, April 20 due to the fact that they had a call from Muse’s team offering them dates on their tour (it’s alright for some!) and would, unfortunately, have to reschedule. However, that did not make the night any less memorable. Upon the doors opening at 7 PM, fans began to pile into The LCR at UEA. Mostly packed with university students, the crowd was also packed with a mixture of ages.

The first to perform was Black Foxes; an upcoming band that have just released their new EP Exotic Trash and have begun to surprise all after critics suggested that their new EP is ‘destined for the dancefloor rather than dumpsters’. This gig appeared to be a great opportunity for the band as towards the end of their set list fans were beginning to catch onto their Indie vibe and begin to party with them. It looks as though we can be expecting big things from this band!

After a short break the next band that played was Sundara Karma (Sundara being a Sanskrit term that generally means “beautiful” or “noble” and ‘Karma’ referring to a reward or punishment in the next life). The band has received an unbelievable amount of cheers and it has been noted that the band played at Reading when they were only 18 years old! Although, I have never heard of the band myself they did indeed make an impression by sauntering on stage giving me the first impression as a lot more stylish than myself. They began to play some of their most popular tracks such as Loveblood, Vivienne and Flame. The crowd was singing their songs back to them and pointing their fingers in the air in time with the music. The atmosphere was incredible and as the time got closer to Nothing But Thieves taking the stage the crowd got larger and larger. As soon as I got home the first thing I did was buy Sundara Karma’s EPI and EPII and I would suggest you do the same!

The lights went low and the crowd was buzzing for Nothing But Thieves to take the stage. After what seemed like a very tense wait as the crowd got ready to shout their cheers the band appeared on stage seeming to be all ready to give fans everything they have got! The crowd went insane for the band and they modestly accepted the cheers and went straight into their first song ‘Itch’. They played one more song and then introduced themselves and shouted out to the audience making sure everyone was having a good time. As they continued to play songs from their entire album including ‘graveyard whistling’ and ‘Hostage’ the crowd got more wild lapping up every guitar strum, drumbeat and Conor’s incredible voice. Who knew a man could get so high pitched and not hurt your ears? Mid way through the concert Conor called out his friend Steve who was working on the gig with them as it was his birthday. The whole of the crowd sung happy birthday to Steve and he stood on the drummer stand orchestrating the whole thing. A few more songs followed after this with the crowd continuing to be in good spirits and a few dance-offs were even spotted.

The band went off stage with no word of goodbye and was cheered back on by the crowd requesting an encore. To which they performed Trip Switch, which seemed to be a favourite among the fans as the words were shouted back to the band. To finish off the night, the band ended with ‘Ban All the Music’ which is when it started to go wild as Conor jumped into the crowd and surfed his way round. Fans were going crazy for this and once Conor got back onstage on his feet, he continued to dance around with the band as the guitarists Joe and Dominic went and rocked out with drummer James.

Overall, Nothing but Thieves should be proud of how far they have come and they are definitely a band to watch out for as it can be shown especially by this concert that they are capable of great things. They stole away the show and took many hearts with them!

– Amy Curtis, Correspondent (Music)