Siobhán Sullivan,

Editor (Art)


When speaking with the Solva-based artist a few years ago, he mentioned that he had never planned to break into the world of fine art, let alone on a full time professional basis. After studying ‘Industrial Design’ at Leeds University and later obtaining a Masters degree in the subject, Swinfield worked mostly in the field of concept design for railway companies.

However, after being inspired by the rugged and untouched landscape of Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom, the artist moved into the local area and began painting some of the most beautiful landscape watercolours that I have ever seen. Swinfield’s delicate hand and acute attention to details capture perfectly and distinctly the ever-changing and moody characteristics that are so widely loved in the Pembrokeshire countryside.

The artist has been recognised for his work the world over and has exhibited his works  across the country including in prestigious exhibitions in London. His work possesses a very delicate and light air to it that can only be truly appreciated up close. So I recommend to anyone who may be visiting the Pembrokeshire area to take the time to visit his Solva gallery and browse through his collection and even take a few moments to speak with the artist himself.

If you are a lover of Pembrokeshire, then you will find yourself truly captivated by Swinfield’s work, just as I did. I feel that his works in some ways pose as a representative for the areas countryside and coastlines beauty and a way of sharing it with the world. Swinfield has become completely associated with the area and it’s breath-taking scenery.