Finding the right summer travel destination can be difficult. For those city explorers hoping to embrace the summer weather wholeheartedly, here are five of the world’s sunniest cities to consider before the season is over.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

For a city that is famously known for its nightlife, Las Vegas receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year. The city enjoys a subtropical, hot desert climate, with an average of 310 sunny days every year. The summer months of June to September can get exceptionally hot, with a daily average temperature reaching above 30°c.

There are also plenty that can be done in the city that never sleeps. For thrill seekers, you can get your adrenaline pumping when you try out the rides at the Stratosphere Tower or New York-New York. Alternatively, tourists can opt for more relaxing activities such as shows and museums.

Bangkok, Thailand

If you are hoping to escape the winter season in Asia and still bask in the sun during the months of September to May, then Bangkok may just be the choice for you.

Located in the Southeast Asia region, Thailand experiences a tropical temperature all year round. As the capital city of Thailand, it offers tourists a great combination of food, shopping and cultural attractions. The wide array of food and shopping options also come at a low price – an ideal escape for those wishing to explore the city on a budget.

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Dubbed as Australia’s only tropical capital city, the city’s temperature can reach a maximum of 40°c. The dry season can be experienced from the months of May to September, where it is sunny almost every day with low precipitation.

For the nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, this city may be the ideal travel destination. Plan your itinerary around walks and treks you can take along the coastal paths, or admire the wildlife in its natural habitat. In the evenings, relax and have fun along the lively beaches.

You can also find out more information on road trips in other parts of Australia here.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

With a high of 41°c and a low of 30°c during its summer season, it comes as no surprise that Dubai has made it on the list. The expensive city experiences a tropical desert climate, enjoying the sunshine throughout the year.

Dubai is famous for its luxurious lifestyle, perfect for shoppers with expensive taste. There are various attractions that capture the culture and adventures the city has to offer. Dubai also has an amazing landscape with many interesting architectural buildings to admire.

Valletta, Malta

An island south of Italy, Malta enjoys a Mediterranean climate gets an average of 2957 hours of sun annually. People travelling to Malta do not have to worry about the winter seasons either, as the country experiences very mild winters.

People can enjoy learning about the history and culture of Malta in the city of Valletta. Beach lovers can also enjoy the beautiful beaches and bays around Malta, or take a day trip out of the city to visit Gozo Island, where the famous Azure Window is bound to keep one in awe.

– Priscilla Lim, Correspondent (Travel)