For Doctor Who fans, Christmas brings in a special treat. The BBC released their teaser trailer to the Christmas Special on October 7 and Whuvians are buzzing with excitement.

But what does the first look trailer actually show?

In an interesting twist, they decided to release a trailer that was mostly a kind of behind the scenes look at how they filmed the episode. We know it will be in New York and that it will be starring Matt Lucas and Justin Chatwin. We can also tell from the trailer that there will be a floating child, a child that grows up to be a superhero one day?

But we know Doctor Who, nothing is ever as it seems so is this kid really going to be a superhero or will he be the villain? If he really is the superhero then who will be the villain?

Judging from the trailer it may be evil doctors, medical doctors, I saw some mischief with surgical masks going on.

As for the title, ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’ that is set to be intriguing. If you’re wondering who or what Doctor Mysterio is let me help. When Doctor Who was adapted and taken to other countries it would be given a different name, one of the names it was given was Doctor Mysterio and once in Spanish ‘El Loco Doctor Mysterio’ translated The Crazy Doctor Mysterio.

Some elements of the show were lost but it is compelling to note how different countries interpreted Doctor Who and how they adapted it. Perhaps this Christmas episode is going to pay homage to the old Doctor Mysterio and bring in a whimsical fun with a dash of mystery?

– Gift Ruremesha, Correspondent (Film)