There is no escaping the impact that Donald Trump has had on the world over the past year or so. With his controversial run for the presidency still fresh in the minds of countless people, it would seem that there aren’t many groups who haven’t been offended by at least one of the things he’s said or done.

One of the several groups who has taken issue with his comments is women. Many statements have been perceived as being derogatory to women, with accusations of sexual assault being brought into the limelight as well.

What implications do such controversies bring to the world of art? Feminist artists have certainly been busy. So busy, in fact, that they have introduced their own series of exhibitions, namely the Nasty Woman Exhibitions. This 30-stage art exhibition began January 12 at the Knockdown Centre, Maspeth, Queens, New York. The key instigators are Roxanne Jackson (co-director), Jessamyn Fiore (executive producer and co-director) and Angel Bellaran (curatorial advisor and project manager).

The purpose of the project is to demonstrate solidarity amongst artists who seek to defend women’s rights, especially in the light of Trump’s inauguration and the comments about women he has made.

On display at the exhibitions are several anti-Trump pieces of artwork. One example is the Trump Voodoo (date unknown) by Sandra Koponen, a doll of the edgy fair-haired business mogul with nails protruding from his head- no doubt reflecting the fate that most women (and everyone else) would like to see happen to the man himself.

Another unnamed, undated piece by a similarly unnamed artist involves a bracelet onto which is etched the word “ungrabbable”, in reference to a well-known and particularly dodgy comment made by Trump.

With every day that passes, Trump makes it into the headlines for some reason or another, positive or negative. These headlines inspire the artistic pursuits of projects such as the Nasty Women Exhibitions. If these pursuits garner as much attention as the man himself, who knows what consequences they may bring for America’s new president?

– Luke Mayo, Correspondent (Art)