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Following fashion week, the fashion industry is embracing new trends for the spring and summer approaching in 2013. Fashion capitals New York, London, Milan and Paris allowed the world’s top designers including Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Valentino, to showcase their new and exciting designs.

Marc Jacobs wowed onlookers with his elegant and modern, colourful collection; he has said to have been inspired by the work of an artist named Daniel Buren, whose work is “very graphic with the use of grids… and so I took inspiration from his sculptures and installations.” The models had their hair pulled back in sixties beehives and wore pencil skirts and maxi skirts, combined with smart jackets and crop tops. Vogue’s Emma Elwick-Bates said, “It was moving. It was sweet sixties theme continued and so many trends we have been seeing.” It seems bright colours and square prints shall hit the high streets by storm next summer, following such a beautiful show.

Paris was treated to Alexander Mcqueen’s collection that consisted of corseted gowns that extenuated the model’s bust and hips, 8804575024_78b01d6ca1_zcreating a feminine essence almost worshipping the female figure. Outfits pulled models in at the hips with thick, gold, statement belts and the collection confirmed that dark colours really could work in the spring and summer too. Former model and designer Tabitha Simmons described the show as “Feminine, fragile but it had that sort of element of darkness to it.” The clothes had beautiful detail and embroideries, with a delicate yet tough edge to them.

Valentino also brought a very feminine collection to fashion week with delicate, long sleeved, chiffon dresses which Tim Blanks explained were “inspired by Rome and the years after World War Two when people didn’t have very much, so what they did have was very precious to them.” There were many nude shades floating down the catwalk and contrasting hard and soft pieces, next summer it seems that statement coats and dresses are key.

Milan’s fashion week showed the emergence of oriental trends and Eastern themes in the clothes, prints and materials. Versace’s show also predicted the arrival of fruity orange shades this summer, from clothes to accessories, which could be worn this autumn and winter too in more subtle ways. Autumnal, rusty, oranges could be combined with winter warmers, jeans and leggings to brighten up the dark mornings and bleak days over the next few months. Other colours that seems to be all over stores are burgundy and maroon, again adding an autumnal feel to winter wardrobes everywhere.

Sculpted shoes have been predicted to be prominent next year; models looked as if they were wearing little gems from an art exhibition on their feet as they strutted down the catwalk in shoes with sharp edges and spikes, which again ooze femininity with a more masculine edge. From wedges to platform heels, these stunners are guaranteed to liven up any outfit during both day and night.

Girls_in_kimonos (1)However, although as exciting as fashion week is, there seem to be a lot of trends emerging which are appropriate for the more present Autumn and Winter embracing us. Oriental trends already seem to be prominent this season in ranges of colours, varying from kimono style jackets and dresses in rich materials, to obi styled belts emphasising the waist. Inspired by Asian women who prove that less really is more when it comes to being sexy, keeping covered up and sophisticated seems essential right now and women make up for their lack of skin on show, with creative and intricate oriental prints.

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons (By Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia (Gary Bigeni); KellieCA (; Wikimedia Commons (By Chris Gladis (originally posted to Flickr as Popular Girls)

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