Vettel seemed to enjoy an easy race at the front of the pack, with both Ferrari’s showing a dominant, early pace over the Mercedes in the opening laps of the race. However, after the race, it was revealed that Vettel was fighting a steering issue from the very start of the race which, in his words, only “got worse […] towards the end” of the race.

Many are asking if Hamilton may have risked his championship hopes by giving third place back to his team-mate, Bottas, despite promising to do so. The Brit stated on the radio that he felt he could catch the Ferrari’s, and with passing nearly impossible at the Hungaroring, he asked his team to tell Bottas to move aside. However, on the final corner of the race Hamilton allowed his team-mate to take back third place after he failed to catch either of the prancing horses.
Once in the media pen after the race, Hamilton simply stated that he is “a man of his word”, with Mercedes team principle, Toto Wolff, commented on his “very sportsmanlike behaviour.”

Before the lights went out, Red Bull’s Verstappen commented that his team “can make plans but things can change. I’m just going to feel my way into this race.” However, he began his opening lap by “feeling his way” into the side of his team mate on only the second corner. The contact left Ricciardo with a left rear puncture and a subsequent spin on the third corner, where his race then ended. Despite a 10 second stop-and-go-penalty, the flying Dutchman still managing to take 5th place as the chequered flag fell.
After the race, Ricciardo commented that his team-mates moves were “immature”, but Verstappen soon apologised to his team before, apparently, sharing an apologetic beer with his team-mate.

Contrastingly, Sergio Perez had a flying start in his Force India. After qualifying in a disappointing 13th place, he sprung to 8th in just a few corners. A slow pit stop couldn’t stop the flying Mexican, who then finished the race in 8th.

Finally, McLaren enjoyed a positive weekend at the track. Not only did both cars qualify in the top 10, they both finished in points scoring positions as well. Fernando Alonso, finishing in 6th, even took the fastest lap of the race, a feat which, he stated, as “a gift and we will take it” but still “a surprise, no doubt.”

Paul DiResta made a return to an F1 car this weekend, replacing an unwell Felipe Massa. After suddenly leaping into the car for qualifying, the Scotsman was enjoying a simple, trouble-free race. After an impressive qualifying session, placing his new Williams just 7-tenths of a second behind established team-mate, Lance Stroll, he was disappointingly forced to retire just 6 laps before the end of the race, due to an oil leak. He commented, after the race, that the experience was “very exciting” but also “very difficult.

Charlotte Andrews, Correspondent (Sports)