Oslo City Hall

A visit to Oslo does not have to break your bank and here is how to experience Oslo at an affordable price

Although Norway is known for being a notoriously expensive country (a beer costing around £5.80), a holiday in its capital does not have to break your bank. If you look in the right places a break in Oslo is not significantly more expensive than anywhere else and you can experience Oslo’s amazing sights and attractions.

There are many high quality budget hotels and hostels in the centre from around £81 per night for a single room and £21  for a dorm room in a hostel. Try the Smarthotel in Oslo, a clean and affordable hotel in the city centre. If you’re looking for a hostel, the Anker hostel has extremely low prices while being accessible and close to tourist attractions.

When looking for places to eat in Oslo, it becomes clear that dining out here is usually significantly more expensive than elsewhere in Europe. A three course meal at a nice restaurant will be on average around £35. However, not all high quality restaurants are this expensive; Delhi Tandoori Restaurant is a small family restaurant with reasonable prices, and Peppes Pizza is a good Italian restaurant with nine branches in Oslo alone. For a large pizza here you can expect to pay around £20 or £10 for a pasta dish, cheaper than most restaurants in Oslo. Another option is to stay at a hotel with a kitchen, buy food from a supermarket and cook at home. This saves a lot of money and also leaves more time for exploring.

Whilst in Oslo it is utmost necessary to visit Oslo’s city hall, which includes the works of famous 20th century Norwegian artists. It’s free to visit here and a tour of the entire building can take a few hours. Guided tours of Parliament are also free with tours in English every Saturday. Walks are popular in Oslo: take a wander around the grounds of the ancient Akershus Fortress or explore Oslo’s many parks. Walking up onto the roof of Oslo’s impressive Opera House is an exhilarating experience and Oslo’s unmissable art galleries, the National Gallery and National Museum of Contemporary Art, which has free admission on Sundays.

— Natalie Connors, Correspondent (Travel)

Image Courtesy: George Rex (https://www.flickr.com/photos/rogersg/14594359192), Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic | Flickr