Wondering what that exotic looking fruit on the supermarket shelf is?

With warm weather comes an array of new fruit. No longer do you just have to eat the basic bananas, apples, and oranges: you can now indulge in fruits you have never even heard of before. Some of these fruits might be a bit pricier, but the taste of them is sure worth it. Try out some of these:

Mango1. Mango: You might have had mango in a smoothie or juice when you’re eating out, but they taste even better on their own. Most supermarkets stick mangoes with warm weather approaching, and they are usually not too expensive. This fruit usually comes from South East Asia, and its sweetness is sure to be a hit with adults and kids. Preparing the fruit is a bit tricky at first, with there being a big stone in the centre, but there are plenty of YouTube videos that show you just how to do it.

Dragonfruit2. Dragon fruit: This is arguably one of the prettiest fruits out there, both on the inside and out. Hot pink with green leaf-like adornments, kids will love picking up this fruit in the supermarket. It is white with black seeds inside, resembling a polka dot pattern. Not only is this fruit beautiful, but it also tastes delicious. Originally a fruit found in Mexico, supermarkets sell this at not too high a price.

Mangosteen3. Purple mangosteen: Not to be confused with the mango, this fruit has a tough outer shell that with take some strength to break through. However, the effort is completely worth it, as the texture and taste of this fruit is divine. The fruit originates from Indonesia, and the white parts inside almost melt in your mouth. Supermarkets can sometimes put a higher price on this super sweet fruit, but it is the perfect treat for everyone.

Papaya4. PapayaThe papaya originates from Mexico and is the perfect tropical fruit. When cut open, you have to remove the black seeds, creating a bowl life structure. A fun tip is to use the papaya as a fruit salad bowl, where people can eat both the bowl and it’s contents! The papaya has a subtle flavour, and is sure to please both kids and adults.

Eline Jeanne, Editor (Food)

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