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Helena Lins,

Editor (South America)
LA PAZ – On 6th December, the President of Bolivia argued against the foreign influence in the country, specifically, in relation to US troops. According to Prensa Latina, Evo Morales insisted in putting an end to the presence of US troops  in major armed forces in Bolivia.

On 5th December, Evo Morales had given an encouraging speech, during a graduation ceremony of two hundred and sixty officers of the three armies, reiterating the supremacy of the Bolivian armed forces.

Presenting himself as an anti-capitalist, anti-neoliberal and anti-imperialist, he argues that the foreign influence has damaged Bolivia and the Bolivian institutions.

In fact, in March 2012, Evo Morales had already threatened to close the US embassy in La Paz if the US would keep interfering in Bolivia’s internal affair. He stated that as an anti-capitalist, anti-neoliberal and anti-imperialist nation, Bolivia would not allow that kind of interference.

Leader of the Movement for Socialism party (MAS) and Cocalero trade union, Evo Morales is regarded as a socialist leader. However, in his book about Evo Morales, Sven Harten noted that even though the Bolivian president uses an anti-imperialist and socialist discourse, he is not “a hardcore anti-globalist nor a Marxist”. But, the truth is that, this insistence in ending the foreign/US interference in Bolivia has something of an anti-globalisation ideology. It definitely questions whether or not the US policies of global dominance and influence over other countries is justified

Image Courtesy: Marcello Casal Jr for Agencia Brazil via Wikimedia Commons

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