The countless organisations advocating for human rights have been working their heart out in a bid to ward off any kind of breach to humanity. But there is one place that they all need to turn their attention to at the earliest – Myanmar.

The slaughtering Rohingya Muslims in the South Asian nation is far to frequent for the world to ignore and the authorities seem to be turning a blind eye. Authorities are relentlessly labelling this as “Islamophobia” as opposed to “ethnic cleansing”. The Buddhist majority seem to be the main perpetrators as it has been reported by the United Nations back in 2013, when 48 Muslims fell amid a Buddhist attack on western Myanmar.

Although Myanmar shelters many ethnic minorities, the Rohingya community seem to be the only target. Rohingya Muslims have been going through all kinds of discrimination such as being forced into secluded camps and getting banned from lifesaving aid. However, many videos went viral on the Internet, showing to the world the dreadful atrocities faced by this community, which include beheading, rape and even the murder of innocent children.

Burma Campaign UK, a campaign organisation working for human rights, democracy and development in Myanmar, disclosed the heart-rending conditions Rohingya Muslims face on a day-to-day basis. Neither drinkable water nor basic healthcare is provided in the remote areas that this ethnic minority inhabits. Besides, NGO staff must cross the ocean every time water or medical intervention are needed. The people there can’t even meet their most primitive needs without scratching their dignity. The troops of aid have witnessed shores with faeces everywhere. Not to speak about dead rats and filthy beaches, the only place where children can withstand the scorching heat.

To add insult to injury, the government is making things even more difficult for the Rohingya community. Rohingya Muslims are cut off the job market and are subjected to bureaucracy. On the other side, the local authorities are making sure that this minority stays in the shadow for good and thus are putting a spoke in the international NGO’s wheel through the delays in flight procedures, including a visa for instance.

Horror scenes are being directed every day in Myanmar, but very few are leaked on the Internet. And the scheme of extinguishing Rohingya Muslims has been, alas, set to stone while the world is still sluggish.

— Roïya Souissi, Correspondent (Our World)