Cooking steak at home may seem intimidating; our food correspondent shares her tips and tricks on mastering the art of cooking steak at home

I am sure many of you who have travelled abroad for the very first time have wondered what exactly a steak is when you saw it at a supermarket; whether a steak is a piece of meat of any animal or an animal in particular. Let me make it clear to you that a steak generally refers to a thick cut piece/slice of any meat.

Commonly prepared steaks are beef. Other steaks like fish and vegetarian steaks are occasionally prepared.

Grilling a beefsteak on a griller would be fine but cooking the meat on your stove requires special care and attention.

To prepare a beefsteak on your stove, buy or cut meat between 1 ¼ or 1 ½ inches thick. If the cut meat is thinner, the steak may get overcooked and burnt. If the cut meat is thicker, the steak may not get cooked properly. If the cut meat is taken out of the refrigerator, then allow the temperature of the meat to be reduced to room temperature, otherwise, the steak while on heat may stay uncooked in the center because of ice. Once the meat is ready, rub salt, pepper and vegetable/olive oil as required on both the sides. You don’t have to put any other sauce to make it tastier. Now take a pan that has a thick base. Do not use a non-stick pan. Place the pan on high heat for about 2 minutes and then place the meat in the pan. Now lower the heat to medium and allow the steak to be cooked for about three to four minutes. Then flip the steak with a spatula and allow it to be cooked again for another three to four minutes. Using a fork to flip or put holes in the meat is not recommended as the sizzling juice would not be absorbed by the meat. To know if the steak is nicely cooked, press the meat on the top with your fingers or check the temperature with a thermometer. If the steak is ready, put it on a plate and leave it to rest for five minutes so that the steak absorbs all the flavors of its juices to be delicious. Serve the steak with mashed potato and garlic sauce.

The cooking of the steak depends on your personal preference of taste; if you want it to be cooked to rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well or well-done.

Having a beefsteak at a restaurant may be quite expensive but if you can prepare a good steak on your stove so easily, then why not try this recipe and serve your loved ones !

— Dona B. Paranayil, Correspondent (Food)

Image Courtesy: ©Dona B. Paranayil