Chinese authorities have reportedly begun an investigation into the executives of Dangdong Branch of North Korea’s Kwangson Banking Corporation along with the North Korean employees who live in China and Chinese trade-related officials.

Through the United Nations Security council, the US and China both agreed with Security Resolution 2270 that had mentioned the Dongdong branch of Kwangson Bank, but the bank continues to operate secretly without a signboard. An official reported: “The head of the Branch, RI Il-ho, temporarily returned to North Korea, so the deputy executive is being investigated”.

The resolution was passed after March after Pyongyang’s fourth nuclear test and was also passed unanimously despite China being North Korea’s sole ally it disapproved of its nuclear program and missile programs.

The Korean Kwangson Bank Corporation (KKBC) is a North Korean, state-run Foreign Trade Bank and the countries primary foreign exchange bank. The bank has been reported in to have occupied the building of Dandong-based Chinese trading conglomerate, the Hongxiang Group, whose chairwoman, Ma Xiaohong was arrested last month. The conglomerate has been suspected of having shipped “dual-use” materials, which can have both civilian and nuclear weapon potential.

Chinese authorities are investigation other Dandong city officials who had been granting favours to Ma Hongxiang along with her family members and has reportedly comfortable relations with the North Korean leader’s uncle, Jang Song-Thaek.

China has fully followed the UN resolutions which condemn North Korea fulfilling it’s international obligations, but North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-Ho addressed the UN General Assembly claiming the Nuclear weapons are “self-defence” measure against the United States.

 – Munifa Rauf, Correspondent (Asia: Far East)