BEIJING – On November 12, Jiang Yefei and Dong Guangpong were moved from a Thai detention centre and sent back to China without notifying their families.

A day later they were repatriated to China by the Chinese Communist party to pay for their crimes.

In late October, Yefei and Guangpong were arrested and placed in the Immigration Detention Center in Bangkok. It was there that two Chinese officials posing as workers from the UN visited them. According to the men, they were there to lend assistance to them, but first they had to sign documents that would give them access to Canada. The document was reportedly in Thai, making it difficult for the men to understand it, but they signed regardless. Later, it was discovered the papers they had signed were false and were instead documents to send them back to China.

Chu Ling, wife of Jiang Yefei said that she received this information from a contact person, who said her husband was visibly afraid as he was shaking.

The Thai government has admitted to deporting the men to face their human trafficking charges in China.

Yefei and Guangpong have a long history of fighting against human right abuses carried out by the Chinese government. Both men had previously been jailed in China for criticising the communist government and were in detention in Thailand for illegally entering the country.

– Dawn Demeritte, Correspondent (Asia: Far East)