Violent protest strike in Central African Republic’s capital, at least two have been killed

BANGUI – Since March 2013, several thousand have fled their homes in the Central African Republic, due to the systematic and transformative ethnic cleansing, in attempt to exterminate Muslims from the country. The Human Rights groups have put forward that at the rate in which ethic cleansing is increasing, the number of Muslims will fall down due to death.

Reports urging to help the most marginalised group, which are also the minority in the country, are being supported by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch in order to provide a greater shield of protection from torture and inflicted death. Over the past few months, it has become more and more evident that the country is at the verge of being torn about completely, as vengeance and increasing violence is systematically breaking the core foundation of the country’s history –  based on the key principles of peace and coexistence between different religious and ethnic groups.

Since the country has been under deep ethnic cleansing for almost a year now, the UN peacekeeping operation is on the mission to take over from the French and African troops who are, as of now, in Bangui to protect the minority at risk of death.

Many have spoken against the government on these protests, demanding the transitional government to step down. Many Burundian contingent of the African Union are at the centre of accusation for allowing the attacks on Christians to be taking place.

Ten people have died in a grenade attack in the area of Notre Dame de Fatima church –  where a large population of Muslims reside. The initial violence struck when Michel Djotodia seized power but under diplomatic power had resigned.

Reports have stated that that CAR is now considered to be a failed state due to the fact that religion is now being used as a new means to wage war against the indifferent, consequently perpetuating the current cycle of vicious reprisals, that does not align with the country’s mission values of harmony and peaceful coexistence. The question is now, whether the country can rebuild its peace and provide grounds stability.


— Ferhiyo Ismail Ali, Editor (Africa)


Image Courtesy: hdptcar (https://www.flickr.com/photos/hdptcar/2193139239/in/photolist-4kXCpu-4kSrrW-4kSrK7-4kSshG-4kXCe7-4kTApp-4kTA3z-4kNpTv-4kNqqv-4kSrZC-4kNpAc-4kNqa6-4kSsAs-4kNps2-4kNqFg-4kNr42-4kSr1A-4kXCDA-4kTAg2), Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic | Flickr