You can’t carry your summer wardrobe with you on vacation. Here are some summer essentials that will have you prepared for anything

So you’re three days away from catching a flight for that summer vacation you and your best friend have been planning for months. The itinerary is set, hotels have been booked, but you still have no clue what to pack in that carry-on.

Summer is the perfect time to shred the layers and get down to the basics. So here are a few tips on the must-haves for any girl on the go. But if you’re taking a fiver for the summer we’ve got you covered too.


These are a given now-a-days, but they deserve recognition. It’s the perfect pair of shorts for that sexy yet sweet look and if you’re going back home for your three months of freedom, it’s completely approvable for the parents. Throw on a crop top, swim top or any shirt and you’re set. If colder weather is in sight throw on a light weight cardigan!

3966709942_655350f17b_oTHE CAFÉ CARDIGAN

Otherwise known as the light weight cardigan, it is the ideal jacket to throw in your bag for any occasion. So, when the air conditioner is on full blast in your favourite café why not be one step ahead of the game and be ready for the big chill?


Even on your laziest of days you can still look like a celebrity. A V-neck T-shirt that’s slightly loose fitting is a flattering look for every figure. Pair it with casual jeans or a cute skirt and you have an outfit that will turn any head. So leave those pesky wrap around swimsuit covers in the drawer, and keep it fun and fresh with a T-shirt.


The cutie you just met at the market has invited you to an outdoor concert in three hours! Hold the emergency shopping trip for another day, and grab that perfect dress. A light and airy dress that suits your figure is a necessity in every fashionista’s closet. If you find a style that fits perfect why not stock up and get one in a solid and a print. There’s nothing better in a closet than choices.

6232258560_e22c50425e_oTHE FESTIVAL SHOE

This is will be your trusted friend for the summer. Whether it be a concert, day of shopping, or a chill night with friends, the laid back boot is a great go-to. It’s the perfect shoe to make a stylish dress look casual and those high waisted shorts of yours look downright adorable. But be sure to find a boot that’s breathable enough to stand up to the heat of the summer.


Hey, even Wonder Woman sweats. When you’re a girl on the go carrying a small bottle of body spray in your bag ensures you’re ready for any close-up and personal encounters. Sprays will never be deodorants so try to pick a sent that’s fresh, light, and discrete. And for those of you who are ready for the full bag arsenal throw in a travel sized aerosol deodorant and feminine spray. Sprays are great for keeping deodorant marks at bay and can be utilised as a quick way to freshen up other parts of that summer ready body.

— Breona Carroll, Correspondent (Fashion)

Image Courtesy: Maegan Tintari (https://www.flickr.com/photos/lovemaegan/4942707942/in/photolist-8wLESs-8d8eZv-6h5saL-8vhFaj-6h5rRy-8wLEUb-8vhFfm-88k4YH-6h1g5X-6h5s2m-6h5sjd-6h1hmk-6h5sso-6h1gZi-6h1ghe-6h5sC9-88oi2b-8vhF7j-8veCu2-88ohGJ-88ohVj-8vhFeb-8veCDp-8veCJe-88k4G2-88k5aT-88k5hV-88oi6G-8vhFkf-8veCPz), Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic | Flickr

Image Courtesy: Maegan Tintari (https://www.flickr.com/photos/lovemaegan/3966709942), Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic | Flickr

Image Courtesy: Maegan Tintari (https://www.flickr.com/photos/lovemaegan/6232258560/in/photolist-auHXkN-bDujKE-99b4Gp-6EV5p8-6rwg5K-6EV5r2-8yQyED-8Sw9b5-8PJkzw-8nWDw1-8nWDq7-6ReorY-81Vurx-8rUGwj-7NMLQz-8NnACM-7NRKis-6Af8L7-6rwfXZ-7WTcj2-8NnAKg-6rAp8U-6Rav2y-8a7vAS-8cFJn5-8NqFXY-8a7vsW-8cFJtS-8nTtKx-8rRBhr-6RauES-8a4gsK-7WWqv5-7WTcs6-8a4gGx-8rRBkM-8a4gnR-8x5DYZ-6rAtEY-81YDfJ-8rRB2V-8jL6et-8XEkw9-8rRB8r-8rRB5t-8rRBgF-8pS7B7-81Vufe-8YkGTD-8nnqkR), Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic | Flickr