The “spooky season” is right around the corner.  And no matter how old we get, Halloween experience always has a special flavour whether it tricks us or treats us. Here are four of the best doors you can knock on this Halloween if you are thirsty for an exceptional experience. Change into your costume and hit the road.


What is a better place to celebrate Halloween than the town of witches ? In Salem, Massachussets, huge celebrations are held for Halloween, including guided tours to supposedly haunted houses, theatrical plays and shows, fireworks and parades throughout the city. To keep yourself in the mood, another fun activity in Salem this Halloween is visiting the Witch House Museum. Pack your favorite costume and get ready to roam Salem with the witches’ spirits surrounding you.

Sleepy HollowSleepy Hollow, NEW YORK

Doesn’t the name say it all already ? Halloween is about spooky space, horror movies and old legends that will not let you sleep at night. The town literally does not sleep throughout the month of October. Celebrations are held every day and night for locals and curious visitors as parades, shows, guided tours and plenty of other choices are available for the crowd. Houses and buildings are transformed into a gallery featuring witches, vampires and legendary creatures. You might as well want to be there with a friend (or friends) as it gets really spooky at Sleepy Hollow !

Long BeachLong Beach, CALIFORNIA

Another place where you can have a real spooky experience for the whole month of October is Long Beach in California, on the actual cruiseliner Queen Mary, said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. This is a place where you can go with friends or relatives, but not at all with children as the experience is one of the scariest ! The program and events change every year to maintain innovation and attract more visitors. Celebrations include mainly escape games, mazes, city parades and shows…

Little Five PointsLittle Five Points, ATLANTA

For those who do not prefer a very “spooky” kind of experience, Atlanta is the place to be. With not much horror and scary games or tours, the Little Five Points District organizes every year on Halloween a big food festival featuring a variety of delicacies of the area. Food strolls and stands are everywhere in the district while a parade is held accompanied by music shows and fireworks. This place is rather family-friendly as no scary experience can harm children.

Those were four of the best towns where you can celebrate Halloween this year, solo, with your significant other, with friends or family as celebrations, at the end of the day, are what brings us together and creates the memories of a lifetime. Happy Halloween !

– Rahma Henchiri, Correspondent (Travel)