More often than not, barbecues are thought to be meant for meat lovers. But for green lovers, we round-up the best vegetarian barbecues

Grilled corn: Buy corn on the cob (not the canned ones), wash it and leave it on the grill till it turns crunchy. Top it with herbs and spices for added flavour and you’re good to go!

Grilled veggies: Onions, sliced mushrooms and courgettes are all you need for your barbecue summer night. Grill it till it turns crunchy and add a dash of herbs to spice up the flavours. Or try the aubergine salad—simply wash the aubergines and leave it on the grill for approximately 10 to 15 minutes (remember to keep turning the sides to ensure that both sides are cooked). After it cools down, peel the skin and chop it. Put the chopped pieces in a mixer and blend it till it turns into a thick cream. Add mayonnaise and olive oil, give it a good mix and serve. Another recipe is to place halloumi cheese and aubergine on the skewers and let it grill. Add more green vegetables on the skewer, sprinkle pepper on it and serve.

Veggie sausages or hamburgers: Just because you are a vegetarian, that does not mean you can’t enjoy a good hotdog or hamburger. With more and more people being vegetarian today, there are plenty of companies that make vegetarian sausages and hamburgers. Head to your local grocery store to pick up the best looking veggie sausages and hamburgers, along with bread and all the toppings you like, and enjoy it at your next barbecue.

Salads: Besides the above yummy veggie things your can throw on the grill, there are also many salads suitable for vegetarians. Whether it is a potato salad, a Greek salad, a Caesar salad, a fruit salad; the list goes on. All of these dishes accompany a barbecue greatly, and there are countless of them to choose from as a vegetarian.

 – Irina Cristache, Correspondent (Food)