CANBERRA – Widespread protests across Australia have led to the arrest of ten people. The protests were being carried out by both anti-Islam and anti-racism groups, which led to clashes between the two sides.

After clashes broke out in Melton, on Melbourne’s outskirts, police have arrested six people and have had to subdue a seventh man with capsicum spray, after the 29-year-old tried to punch a horse. While the fate of the six is unknown, the seventh man is expected to face charges.

Moreover, there have been three separate arrests from Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, from the separate protests held there.  The men, aged 36, 48 and 64 respectively, were detained in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, where they are being held for offences such as damaging a memorial, affray and public nuisance.

While protests were also held at Canberra, Perth and Hobart, there haven’t been any recorded incidents in these areas. Darwin Police have confirmed no rallies were held in the Northern Territory.

The anti-Islam protests were being held by the Reclaim Australia, a group that has held a series of rallies around Australia, some of which have turned violent in the past. Reclaim Australia protesters were met on the ground with counter-protesters from No Room For Racism.

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