Alexa Chung is no stranger to the fashion industry and has always been a source of inspiration for many young fashionistas. This time, the style icon Alexa Chung is back with another collection. It’s her second collaboration with British brand Marks and Spencer, following the first successful launch of Archive by Alexa. Selected pieces from the winter collection, also known as Winter Archive by Alexa, will be launched on the M&S website in the coming month of November 2016.

Chung curated the first collection with the M&S design team to feature inspirations from the M&S company archives, where the classic silhouettes were reworked with a twist. The IT-girl of fashion herself explained that the vision behind the creations focused “on a more luxe evening wear vibe to lead us into the winter party season and was thrilled to once again discover an abundance of inspiration within the Marks & Spencer archive”.

The previous collection showcased designs that harmonised the brand’s style with Chung’s chicness and charm. It also provided a good mix of patterns and textures that make the whole collection unique and intriguing. From cute floral fabrics to vintage printed trousers to comfortably styled ruffled blouse and sweaters, the offerings promised a modern take on M&S as an illustrious British brand.

This time, Chung has named the latest winter collection after street names in Leeds, where the heritage brand was first established in 1884. She offered sneak peeks into the latest collection during the weekends at London Fashion Week when she came clad in the ‘Briggate’ trench coat, a piece that we can look forward to in the upcoming launch.

High-street retailer Marks & Spencer have also shared the news that this collaboration is going to be the first of many for the company. They have announced that this newest project is the first of a new ‘M&S &’ line. More partnerships with some big celebrities and legendary designers are said to be announced in the coming months.

– Priscilla Lim, Correspondent (Fashion)