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According to Financial Times the European commission is investigating the legality of Apple’s way of selling its iPhones in Europe.

Allegedly the European commission is eager to find out whether Apple is using questionable sales tactics. The commission is especially interested in the way the phones are being sold to the operators and whether there is a minimum amount of iPhones they have to buy.

It is also suspected that the company is using package deals to prevent or worsen its rivals’ sales.

The investigation which got started by operators’ complaints against Apple is still in child’s shoes.

The company with a net income of approximately 41.733 billion US dollars has grown immensely since it was first founded in the 1970’s. Apple has become a multinational corporation with more than 70 000 employees worldwide. In the past few months the hugely successful company has been talked about widely in the news and not for the best of reasons.

Lately the news surrounding Apple have been in most part negative. Most recently the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook defended Apple’s tax arrangements in front of the U.S Senate. Like other major companies also Apple has been criticised about the low taxes it pays. Many companies have been known to base offices in Ireland in attempt to avoid paying taxes in other countries. According to Cook however, the company has done everything both law-abidingly and in the spirit of legality.

It remains to be seen if illegal or questionable means used by major companies is a lasting trend or whether these technological and new media giants will be held accountable for their actions. An honest and healthy competition in the market place would perhaps give even the smaller companies a fighting chance. Thus an unbiased point of view when investigating big global companies can be argued to be crucial.

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