As the Obamas say good-bye to the White House, the United State started its process to elect their new president. The dispute between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton provided solid prove that the population is not satisfied with their candidates, however, Clinton leads the run with 4 points over Trump.

On this Election Day morning, Hillary voted in Chappaqua, New York. Moments before casting her vote companied by the Bill Clinton, her husband, she greeted few admires and voters. “I know how many responsibilities goes with it and so many people are counting on the outcome of this election,” Hillary says after casting her vote.

Barack Obama during the Nightover event in Philadelphia asked the people to work harder one more last day. “I ask you to work as hard as you can this one last day,” Obama said “to elect my fellow American, this state woman… our next president of United States of America”.

While the first lady, Michelle Obama, also gave up few words in support to Clinton’s race. “We deserve a leader who sees our diverse not as a threat but as a blessing,” She added. The overnight followed few concerts featuring Bon Jovi singing, “Here Comes the Sun”. The band together with Hillary and Bill Clinton appear on a video recorded on an airplane to call voters to “Don’t stand still, vote” campaign posted on twitter overnight. The viral trend is titled “Mannequin Challenge”, artists like Beyoncé and athletics from New York Giants as well as the gymnast Laurie Hernandez has shared their version of the hashtag #mannequinchallenge.

While in North Caroline, Lady Gaga showed up during the rally performing few songs of her new album “Joanne”.

Both candidates had quite scandalous campaign. Hillary with her personal e-mails, which she publically apologized on television, but Trump did not let it go easily, and constantly pick on that topic during live debates. While Trump scandals were about racism and involvement with the KKK for example. Therefore, U.S watched many disrespectful moments from both parties.

On Trump’s final pitch, in an interview to CBS News, Eric Trump mentioned that his father has “started a movement”.  “It’s a common sense movement,” Eric says, “We wants jobs, we want safety, we want security, we want to afford more healthcare, we want lower taxes”.

“We want to stop jobs from leaving our borders and our nation. We want to get rid of ISIS” He adds “By the way want to do all this affordably”.

“People are sick and tired of the non-sense” Eric adds, “Tired of the reckless spending, the fraud and the bills of government, and they want someone from private sector, I think”. However, Trumps campaign career also involved many scandals about not withhold taxes payments, bank corruption and misappropriation.

– Gabriel Santos, Correspondent (North America)