Alex Chapman,

Correspondent (Fashion)


Not satisfied with being a notable fashion icon (winning the British Style Icon award three years running), a well-known TV presenter and model, Alexa Chung has now tried her hand at writing and has released her first book.

‘It’ by Alexa Chung is a golden insight into the mind of the nation’s sweetheart, with her thoughts on style, love and family life all thrown in. Published by Particular Books, Chung wrote it through a stream of emails to her editor, and as well as throwing in some personal doodles and photographs, ‘It’ reads almost like a diary. Readers are shown a down to earth side of the 29 year old, with refreshingly honest and touching pieces on her mum and on how she has dealt with heartbreak in the past.

With funny and sometimes tongue in cheek comments such as, ‘I have a row of iron filings for eyelashes,’ and her advice for festivals; ‘Nudity is a must,’ Alexa relates back to the teenage girl by listing her own fashion idols, from Bridget Bardot to Anna Karina. The book almost binds together a moodboard in Alexa’s mind, or rather what her bedroom floor may resemble, judging from photos of her ‘floordrobe.’

Chung also throws in make-up and fashion advice to channel her own style, complete with photos and ‘must-have’ items.  Not to mention the cover of the book, a pink cotton bound number with simplistic signature presumably of Alexa’s own handwriting, it will take a comfortable place on any teenage girls bookshelf. ‘It’ is available to buy now.

Image Courtesy: Cachodelaesquina, via Wikimedia Commons