KUNDUZ – Afghanistan’s armed forces have launched a counter-offensive in an attempt to regain control over a key district in the north of the country from the clutches of the Taliban.

The Kunduz province’s Chardara district came under the control of the Taliban, according to reports, that further stated that this was the first instance in years where the militant group had taken control of an entire district. The capture of Chardara was a strategic one, claimed one report, adding that Taliban was moving closer to the provincial capital, Kunduz city.

Mohammad Yusouf Ayubi, who heads Kunduz’s provincial council, said that Taliban fighters gained control over Chardara following two days of attacks on local security forces, killing 12 Afghan security personnel and injuring 17 others. The violence also led to many of the locals fleeing their homes and properties.

While the local forces have lost valuable resources in the attack, a police spokesperson confirmed that efforts to regain control over the province is ongoing, with reinforcements being dispatched to assist the officers on the field.

This attack is yet another dark reminder that following the departure of the NATO and international troops, the soldiers in Afghanistan are struggling on the field in their fight against the Taliban. There have been constant reports of lost battles and increase in casualties following Taliban attacks in the past year.

The consequences of the West’s sudden exit from the region seems to be manifesting, but how Afghanistan copes with this problem remains to be seen.

– The Global Panorama

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