As the second largest city in Pakistan and one of the nation’s biggest tourist attractions along with its grand Mughal history, Lahore has much to offer. With architectural gems such as the Lahore fort, Badshahi Mosque and Minar–e–Pakistan, Lahore is truly a paradise for aesthetics. Not only is it known for its opulent structures, Lahore is rich in culture, food and of course fashion.

Now if you ever have the privilege of spending a day in Lahore – here’s what it could look like:

In the morning you are woken up by the calls to prayer (Adhaan)—after a little laze about in the sun, you decide to stroll over to Food Street for a traditional Lahori breakfast – you’re craving an authentic taste so you ultimately decide to indulge in the classic Halwa Puri dish.

You’re recovering from your food coma, you need to walk around— what better place than the famous Shalimar Gardens? So you hop into an auto rickshaw and after a long, bumpy and sweaty half an hour ride, you arrive at your destination. With a good seven minutes of haggling, you and the driver finally come to an agreement, yet by the end, you still feel ripped off as you reluctantly hand him Rs. 250.

The Shalimar Gardens, constructed by Shah Jahan in 1642 offers a range of views, from royal paths and red sandstone walls to flowing water.  After a good couple of hours of photographs, selfies and absorbing the breathtaking sights of the water gardens, you would want more. So hop in a taxi and make your way to the Lahore Fort.

So another half an hour and you arrive at your second destination. You pay Rs 200 to enter, and lo and behold, in front of you is the majestic, most beautiful structure. Lahore Fort oozes with grandeur. You experience the life of previous kings as you walk through the hall of commons, to the Sheesh Mahal decorated with mirrors. You even have a chance to visit the museums within the fort so you can brush up on the history. You feel cultured.

It’s been a long day. Once you get back to your hotel, you realise there is so much more to see, and a day just isn’t enough for the beauty that lies in Lahore.

– Unzela Anna Khan, Correspondent (Travel)