Are you planning to spend your holidays in Salonica/Thessaloniki in Greece? Planning a holiday can sometimes be a little hard, especially if you do not know much about the area. Book your flight, pack your bags and bookmark this article as your Thessaloniki Bible, guiding you through the city in 24 hours.

Breakfast at Fregio’s

Once you arrive at the airport, the 24-hour bus no.78 will take you directly to the city centre where all the magic happens. One smart choice for a hungry traveler is to grab some breakfast at Fregio’s, a bakery/café situated in the heart of Aristotle Square. Fregio undeniably makes the best Greek waffles you will ever taste. Take your tempting waffle and your Greek coffee and go upstairs to enjoy a view of the central part of the city and also the waterfront that makes Thessaloniki even more beautiful. But why only enjoy the view when you can take a look at souvenir shops once you finish your breakfast? You won’t even need your headphones and music; Aristotle Square is always full of young musicians sharing their art with passers-by.

Historical afternoon

Breakfast finished, city center explored, it is now time to go back in history through Thessaloniki’s must-see attractions. A good start would be to take a walk by the waterfront and the refreshing breeze will take you to the core landmark of Thessaloniki – the White Tower. For 3€ (free if you are a student), you can have an interesting experience, know more about the history of Greece and, most importantly, have a breath-taking view of the city at the top-floor of the Tower. Not so far from the White Tower, you can see the famous statue of Alexander the Great. You can walk from there for 10 minutes to the Byzantine Museum where the Ottoman Empire is brought back to life. It is a good start for those who want to know about this era and a good to place to have lunch. Greek specialties are available at the ground floor of the museum.

Unique nightlife

After traveling in time, you can now enjoy some shopping at Tsimski street, the city’s most popular shopping district. You might also want to grab some potato snack at Patafritas, a Salonica specialty of potatoes with different sauces of your choice. The best place to spend your evening is Ladadika district, a place that never sleeps. Zythos tavern is a good traditional restaurant if you want more bite of Thessaloniki. Then it’s time for fun! If you want to spend an unforgettable night in Thessaloniki, you should go to Markiz club which is 10 minutes from the restaurant.

You now have the key to an interesting experience you’ll want to share back home as “travelling makes you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Rahma Henchiri, Correspondent (Travel)