Somebody said that Japanese women who are known for having perfectly smooth skin spend 20 minutes on facial cleansing and five minutes on make-up. Cleaning and hydrating your skin is a lot more important than applying three layers of foundation. Think about it: if you treat your skin right you won’t even be needing any make-up (or, at least could use a lot less of it). Follow these easy steps and make a step towards changing your skin condition:


Cleansing is a number one step towards healthy skin. In the mornings use a lightweight facial cleanser to freshen your face up: gels or creams will work perfectly. Just make sure it doesn’t make your skin feel tight or dry after using.

In the evening, take your make-up off with some micellar water and a cotton pad, followed by an exfoliating cleanser to wash all the dust off the face.


Using a toning lotion will be a next step. You can choose whatever you want—one that tightens the pores, hydrates or softens the skin. Same applies to serums—if you feel that your skin looks better when using one, then go for it.


Last and most important step is hydration. Our skin always needs to stay hydrated. Apply a thin layer of day (for mornings) or night (for evenings) cream to your face. During summer, use a lighter version, perhaps, a gel-based lotion that will leave the skin fresh and hydrated. If you have dry skin, use a thicker cream in the evenings to give your skin a right dose of moisture.

Eye care

Do not forget about the eyes. Same as the facial cream, use a lighter version for mornings and a thicker one for evenings. Identify your problem (dark circles, puffiness, dryness) and buy a cream that suits your needs best. Just remember that it takes at least a month or two for the results to be visible.

Lip care

Soft and shiny lips do not come without a little treat either. Use a lip balm every morning and evening to hydrate the lips and make them perfectly smooth for applying lipstick.

 – Daria Sergeeva, Correspondent (Fashion)