Prince Harry and Rihanna recently tested their HIV status in Barbados during the World Aids Day on campaign to encourage people to take their HIV tests. The call promotes awareness about the raising numbers of people not being properly diagnosed. says that 36.7 million people are infected with HIV globally in 2015, through which 40% do not know their real status.

During an interview, Rihanna mentioned that the procedure is easy and discreet, which people should not be afraid of checking their status. Prince Harry said that the singer has “incredible reach” which would help the campaign to find its way to a more popular public.

Prince Harry together with celebrities like Nichole Scherzinger, Gemma Arterton and Ricky ‘The Hitman’ in support of the Sentebale’s #FeelNoBlame campaign hoping to reduce the taboo and shame which prevents people to seek support and to talk about Aids worldwide.

“This causes thousands of children to needlessly die each year because they’re keeping their illness secret and not getting the medical attention they need” Harry said during a video campaign uploaded on Youtube.

He called for action on social media with the #FeelNoShame asking followers to share their secret. The main idea behind the campaign relies on the fact that there is a huge stigma surrounding the concept of HIV and related illnesses.

– Gabriel Santos, Correspondent (Music)