Cate Reynolds-Foote,

Correspondent (Fashion)


Depending where you are in the world, it’s either heating up or cooling down at the moment. And for many of us, this means only one thing – a new fashion season! The ideal way to welcome this would be heading out for a day of shopping. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our bank balances just won’t allow it. Never fear, there are plenty of other ways to get a new wardrobe ready for the coming months. Here are just five to get you started!

Get together with a few of your best friends, each bring the items of clothing that you no longer want, and lay them down on the floor or table. Then get bartering – this jumper for that jumper, two tops for a pair of jeans, those once worn shoes for a jacket and those denim cut-offs. It’s a fair swap and you’re both happy, you get that shopping rush without having to spend anything! Heck, turn it into a party, get some nibbles, drinks, and some great tunes and get settled for a great night in. Also it doesn’t have to stop with clothes; do you have any unwanted books or an old lamp? Take them along too! Alternatively, if you don’t have a group of friends wanting to do this, just get together with someone else’s group, go through each other’s wardrobes together and discuss what you could cross over between your possessions, and maybe donate something to your friend that you think might look better on them. This instantly doubles your wardrobe size!

Cut, crop, sew, embellish, dye, re-style and re-lengthen your clothes. If you’re not wearing something anymore then there is no point in having it in its current state. So why not make it into something that you will wear? Flick through some magazines or hop online and check out your favourite clothing brands or Pinterest for some inspiration. It’s not as hard as you think to get designer looks for much less than you’d pay in the store.

It is no secret to my friends that items of clothing that I now own used to belong to my mother, grandmother, and even my brother. Many of the things that my mother and grandmother used to wear (that are now too small for them) are two things — free and vintage. Instead of looking in expensive boutiques, see what your family members have lying around not being put to any use – you never know what you might find.


Often you can get good quality brand-named clothing for less than £5.00, which is just a fraction of the original retail price. If there is something there that you love that’s the wrong colour or size, refer to idea #2! If there aren’t many second-hand shops in your area, you can try looking for community/church fetes or car-boot sales. Again, you never know what you may find.

Hardly anything needs to be said for this godsend website. If you’re lucky, you can get brand new clothing items or barely used ones for next to nothing; so keep an eye out. If you want to make a few pounds to contribute to your new season wear, it’s a great way to clear out and make space for some new additions. Just make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of competitive bidding and end up spending a fortune — set yourself a limit and don’t go above it.

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