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Correspondent (Travel)


Republic of Nauru (Ripublik Naoero in Nauruan language) is a home to approximately 12,000 of population. It is one of the smallest nations on earth. There is no capital city in Nauru due to its small size and the government offices are located in Yaren district. Nauru is located in Pacific Ocean, north of Solomon Islands, and south of the Marshall Islands. Nauru operates its own airlines, “Our Airline”, of three planes serving the Central Pacific area and Australia. Nauruans use Australian dollar as the currency

People and Language
Nauruan is thought to descend from Micronesian, Melanesian, and Polynesian ancestry. The population comprise of around 58% Nauruan, 26% general Pacific Islander, 8% Chinese, and 8% European. The main religion is Christianity, and about one third of Roman Catholic and two thirds of Protestant.

Nauruan language is the native language for Nauruan people. It is a unique language which does not resemble any other Pacific language. Most of Nauruans also speaks English since English is one of the official languages. Nauruan language contains several German loanwords, because of the influence of German missionaries. Here is a list of several phrases in Nauruan language:

  1. Ekamowir Omo – Greetings/ Hello
  2. Omo Yoran – Good Morning
  3. Omo Yekwo – Good Afternoon
  4. Omo Yemero – Good Evening
  5. Omo Yubum – Good Night
  6. Dango Awe – My Friend
  7. Yen Egom – What’s Your Name
  8. Wo Areit Ed – How Are You
  9. Wo Meg I – Where Do You Live
  10. Anga Dei Naoero – I’m Nauruan
  11. Tubwa Kor – Thank You Very Much
  12. Mangada – Please
  13. Ang Nuwawen – Let’s Go
  14. Nga Ebonu – I Love You
  15. Tarawong – Goodbye

What to do

You can explore this tiny Pacific Island on foot or by car without worrying of getting lost. It is said that one can go around the island in 4 hours by foot or about 20 minutes by car. Nauru promises a unique experience by offering all benefits of Pacific Island relaxation

Numerous locals who own boats privately hire them out to take you on a deep-sea game fishing. Anglers can catch a wide variation of fish, including barracuda, skip jack, yellow fin tuna, marlin, etc. Besides, unspoiled reef and clear water make Nauru a popular spot for scuba diving. If you would like to swim, the locals recommend the beach next to Menen Hotel as the best place for swimming. In addition, birdwatchers can enjoy plenty of sea birds sights.

The Nauru Philatelic Bureau offers a wide range of Philatelic issues of Nauru. There are vendors selling handicrafts, gifts, tobacco, and alcohol around the island.

Image Courtesy: Hadi Zaher (http://www.flickr.com/photos/hazara/10960449683/sizes/l/)