There’s nothing better than watching the films which are  not only real stories, but stories of real people who have achieved great things survived against all odds or been the evil we seek to destroy. Biographies allow us a small insight into the life of these fascinating people, and make a great Sunday viewing session!


 Set in the last days of the crumbling Third Reich, Downfall details the unravelling of one of the most horrific regimes in history, revealing to audiences the intricacies of Hitler and his officers. The film features some very emotionally draining scenes and is not one to watch lightheartedly but is a powerful and important story.

The Pursuit of Happynessposter-pursuithappyness

Have some tissues on hand for this one – for a film with ‘happy’ in the title, this picture will have you tearing up constantly with joy and sadness as we follow a Will Smith and a very young Jaden Smith in their attempts to survive and find peace. The film is packed with tender moments and quotes that showcase the power of family and perseverance. Inspirational is an understatement.


 Focusing on the abuse of young boys by Catholic priests; Spotlight is a powerful film that deals with the unrelenting mission of the journalists to uncover and tell the world of this horrific epidemic. The film moves at a gentle pace and is shot beautifully, and will leave you speechless.

the_pianist_movieThe Pianist

Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking films among this list; the Pianist follows the life of renowned musician Wladyslaw Szpilman as his world crumbles during the Second World War. It’s hard not to give away too much, but be ready for an emotional experience with this one.


 Based on the true story of acclaimed writer Truman Capote’s journey to penning one of his most famous novels In Cold Blood, this film unravels the twisted story of the accused murderers and Capote’s relationship with them. Capote will have you both captivated and will chills down your spine, perhaps leave the lights on for this one!

kings_speech_ver3The King’s Speech

 A modern classic, this beautifully written film features arguably the best performances of both Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth’s careers. Based on the journey of George VI to overcome his speech impediment in order to rule as King of England, this film is a stylistic masterpiece, with an empowering message for everyone.



Chronicling the life of one of music’s most famous composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this films soundtrack and art direction alone makes it one to watch on a lazy Sunday. It’s powerful and at times the depressing story will leave you in hysterics and tears, racing to discuss the haunting ending with your friends.

127_hours_poster127 Hours

Not one for the faint-hearted, 127 hours follows hiker Aron Ralston who finds himself in a life or death situation after getting his arm stuck against a boulder. Featuring a standout performance from James Franco and stylistic direction from acclaimed director Danny Boyle, this inspirational movie may surprisingly get you up off the couch!

The Social Network

We all use it – yet watching the true story of social media magnate Mark Zuckerburg’s rise to power will leave you shocked at the cutthroat and ruthless dealings that ensured its success. Widely acclaimed for its editing, direction, soundtrack and performance, this is not a biography you’ll want to miss.


 Featuring of Ben Kingsley’s finest performances, this film focuses on perhaps one of the most important figures in recent history and the battle to liberate India from the western rule. The film beautifully explores the impact of Gandhi’s work and the repercussions it had for the people of India. Definitely one for the history buffs!

– Anusha Miller, Correspondent (Film)