Craig David. When you hear that name you straight away think of garage music. Whichever club you go to, someone always requests at least one of Craig David’s songs and that soon gets the crowd going. It has been rumoured that he may be bringing garage back with a brand-new flavour.

Craig David has been a part of the music industry from a young age. With his father being a bass player for Ebony Rockers enabled David to go to dance clubs where DJ’s would pass him the mic. He rose to fame in 1999 by featuring with Artful Dodger on the hit single ‘Re-rewind’. His debut album ‘Born to do it’ was later released which consisted of RnB and garage tracks including ‘Fill Me In’ and ‘Seven Days’. Even to this day ‘Fill Me In’ is one of the most well-known songs. You would have thought someone would have filled him in by now. Four of the songs from this album reached top of the charts. This was the first of 6 albums which sold 8 million copies worldwide.

Two years later, David released his second album ‘Slicker Than Your Average’ which he was worried may make him sound arrogant but insisted that it was entitled this because it had better composure than his previous album. His third album was signed with record label Warner Music titled ‘The Story Goes…’ and was released world-wide excluding America. Craig David began to collaborate with Kano for the single ‘This is the girl’ and was released in 2007. We’re still awaiting to find out how this story goes.

After this point a couple more albums were released including a ‘Greatest Hits’ album. From 2010 things started to go quiet. It was argued that David was unhappy with how he was being perceived in the TV programme ‘Bo Selecta’ by comedian Leigh Francis. He felt as though he was not being taken seriously and this was jeopardising his career.

It wasn’t until 5 years later that things began to pick up again for Craig David. Even though he was still working on various projects it wasn’t until 2015 that he hit the media again. David went viral on the internet for an incredible cover of ‘Fill Me in’ over Justin Bieber’s song ‘Where are U now’. From a Radio 1xtra appearance, it was made clear that David would begin to be working with Big Narstie on a new track. This then led to the release of ‘When the Bassline Drops’ in November 2015. The track peaked at number 10 in February 2016 and was the highest chart single David had reached since 2007. This is when things starting looking up again for David’s career and led to an album being released on the 30th September 2016 titled ‘Following My Intuition’. This hit number 1 in the UK albums chart and has been David’s first number one album since his debut album in 2000 ‘Born To Do It’.

Following the release of his sixth album, it is looking as though we can expect good things from Craig David for 2017. He even featured at V-Festival for 2016, even though he was playing at the same time as Rihanna, the dome was packed out with fans. Even if he did have a break from music for a while doesn’t mean that his fan base stopped believing in him. With the release of ‘When the Bassline Drops’ it is thought that David is trying to bring back garage. Whenever anyone does think of garage, Craig David and Artful Dodger are two of the names that are up there along with DJ Luck and MC Neat. Since this song has been released he has brought out some more songs from his album such as ‘One More Time’ and ‘Nothing Like This’.

Is he going to bring garage music back? One can only hope. It is looking likely that we may see a return of this genre. All we need now is a nokia phone to blutooth over the music like before. As David says ‘when the bassline drops you know what to do. Report to the dancefloor’.

– Amy Curtis, Correspondent (Music)