A student from Australian National University (ANU) was raped by a 20-year-old tour guide in the Southern town of Ambalagonda during a study tour. Sri Lankan police are reportedly conducting further investigations while the suspect is still missing. 

COLOMBO – An Australian national, who was a part of a group of 15 Australian students working at a turtle rehabilitation farm, was raped in Sri Lanka.  The woman got separated from the rest of the students and was left alone with the tour guide for several hours. According to the Sri Lankan police, the woman has made a complaint that the man raped her under a rock in the beach when they were alone together.

Authorities have stated that the woman will be subjected to a medical test. The suspect has left the area and the police are currently searching for him, according to reports.

Vice chancellor of ANU, Professor Ian Young expressed concerns over the incident. “If indeed it is one of our students that’s been affected, we take these things very seriously and we would of course offer all of our counselling and support services,” he said.

“Many of our students do in fact travel during their semester breaks and many of them in fact get involved in volunteer programs which are run independently of the university.”

Not only do incidents of rape and similar crimes discourage international tourism, but they may also affect the decisions of hundreds of students overseas who travel to Sri Lanka for internships and voluntary work every year.


– Sadichchha PokharelEditor (Asia — South)



Image Courtesy: Honeplus, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License | Wiki Commons